Annuity schedule

Our team is ready to look at your needs and design a suitable solution with you. Our managers specialize in offering flexible financing solutions and will work with you to come up with a suitable schedule. We prefer not to offer standard solutions – but solutions tailored to your needs.

We are also flexible in situations when your needs and options change during the loan period. In such cases our managers will find a solution – either by extending the loan period, offering a payment grace period or something else. Your personal loan manager ensures professional services who knows your options and needs, and you can always call to find a good solution. We want to become your reliable long-term partner, making financial services more personal, clear and transparent.

Annuity schedule
  • Equal monthly payments (including both interest and the loan repayment)
  • Options include early repayment or extending the loan periodannuiteet_eng
  • You can apply to extend the loan period or for a payment standstill
  • Simple solution for smaller loans