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From 27 January 2014 Nordic Hypo – a financial institution based on Estonian capital and issuing loans against the security of real estate – has provided services in Estonia. The company aims to offer Estonian customers a reliable and transparent financial service that is the closest alternative to bank loans. “Our goal is to offer a reliable financial service that is currently primarily associated with banks. As a specialized lender we are able to individually assess the needs of every customer, making our services more flexible than those of banks,” says Sten Tikk, a member of the management board at Nordic Hypo. According to Tikk, the main difference of the new company from businesses offering anonymous micro-loans is transparency and responsibility. “Responsible lending is the main principle for Nordic Hypo. Our goal is to ensure that the customers make balanced loan decisions,” assures Tikk.

The main field of activity for Nordic Hypo is issuing loans against the security of real estate (mortgage loans). Tikk believes that the service will be in demand, for instance, among entrepreneurs whose income is seasonal and who therefore fail to qualify for bank loans. “Such a target group includes, for example, agricultural businesses for which it is important to have a bridge financing partner to enable them to cover expenses for a period when no stable cash flow is available,” explains Tikk.

Their team based on Estonian capital includes professionals with extensive experience on the domestic market for loan services. The services of Nordic Hypo can be seen at www.nordichypo.ee; information is also available via our customer support line 1553.

Tomorrow, 14 November 2014, Tartu University Hospital Children’s Foundation celebrates its birthday with a selfie campaign during which people are asked to take photos with teddy-bears in order to help collect funds for care homes. For each posted teddy-bear selfie, Nordic Hypo –Children’s Foundation partner – is to donate 1 euro in support of the Foundation’s main campaign for 2014 – care homes for children with severe or profound disabilities.


Pictures can be taken with any kind of teddy-bear: against a backdrop of the campaign poster, with a home teddy or with the Foundation’s bear mascot that you’ve met on the street. The pictures must be uploaded to the respective album of the Foundation’s Facebook page by 14 November 2014.


“The work of the Children’s Foundation with care homes and support services for children with severe and profound disabilities is not only of great importance for the children, but also of much help to parents whose daily care for such children is not sufficiently acknowledged by society. The help of the Children’s Foundation for families that find themselves in hard situations, which can help by “filling in the gaps” – is absolutely necessary and our company has decided to assist the Foundation as far as possible,” comments Sten Tikk, chairman of the management board at Nordic Hypo, on the cooperation.


Sandra Liiv, the managing director of the Children’s Foundation, confirms that the Foundation has to deal with some very serious matters on a daily basis, and it is good to be able to make the work a little more enjoyable, while at the same time offering people an easy and exciting way to help.


“We invite everyone to take pictures with teddy-bears, since this toy is a symbol of the supporting friend we can always turn to with our problems. We all have great childhood memories associated with some teddy-bear that was able to make us forget all our troubles and brought a smile to our face. The mascot of the Foundation is a big a soft teddy Mõmmik, who together with his supporter friends helps children as much as he can. Besides being a simple way of making a donation, taking a picture with a teddy-bear is a symbolic declaration of support to everyone in need. We sincerely hope that people will be enthusiastic about helping our cause,” Sandra Liiv invites everyone to make a gift to the Foundation and join the campaign.


You can learn more about the Children’s Foundation care homes project for children with severe and profound disabilities on the Foundation’s website or in the donation environment “Ma armastan aidata”.


Tartu University Hospital Children’s Foundation is one of the oldest and largest national charity organizations. Since 2000, with the help of donators, it has been able to support the purchase of equipment for various hospitals and assist hundreds of children in need of special treatment and care and their families with more than 1.5 million euros.


Nordic Hypo is an Estonian company that offers loans against the security of real estate. It shares the reliability and transparency of banks with the flexibility and personal approach of smaller businesses.

From 8 April 2014, Nordic Hypo is a full member of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. “Membership allows the company to participate in the preservation and improvement of the Estonian economic environment and be even more consistent in defending its responsible lending principles – both on legislative and executive levels”, comments Heikki Rannik, CEO of Nordic Hypo, on the company joining the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

From 3 March 2014 it is possible to turn to Nordic Hypo for loans against the security of agricultural land and forest. The product is mainly designed for farmers and landowners who require additional current capital or a loan for the purchase of machines or materials. Often referred to as a bullet loan, it allows for greater flexibility in regulating the amount and time or repayment. Flexible repayment schedules also provide customers with an opportunity to adjust their repayments on a seasonal basis, depending on current income.

The base lending rate for the loan is 16% per annum; the available period of the loan is from 2 months to 5 years. Farmland or forest may serve as security for the loan, and the land should not be registered in the single area payment register of PRIA (Estonian Agricultural Registers and Information Board). “Considering increasing land prices in the last 5 years, which according to the statistics of the Land Board have reached 30% per year in Estonia, additional capital necessary for business can be obtained through a tailored loan service – rather than by selling the land,” says Heikki Rannik, member of the management board and CEO of Nordic Hypo, explaining the new product.