From 27 January 2014 Nordic Hypo – a financial institution based on Estonian capital and issuing loans against the security of real estate – has provided services in Estonia. The company aims to offer Estonian customers a reliable and transparent financial service that is the closest alternative to bank loans. “Our goal is to offer a reliable financial service that is currently primarily associated with banks. As a specialized lender we are able to individually assess the needs of every customer, making our services more flexible than those of banks,” says Sten Tikk, a member of the management board at Nordic Hypo. According to Tikk, the main difference of the new company from businesses offering anonymous micro-loans is transparency and responsibility. “Responsible lending is the main principle for Nordic Hypo. Our goal is to ensure that the customers make balanced loan decisions,” assures Tikk.

The main field of activity for Nordic Hypo is issuing loans against the security of real estate (mortgage loans). Tikk believes that the service will be in demand, for instance, among entrepreneurs whose income is seasonal and who therefore fail to qualify for bank loans. “Such a target group includes, for example, agricultural businesses for which it is important to have a bridge financing partner to enable them to cover expenses for a period when no stable cash flow is available,” explains Tikk.

Their team based on Estonian capital includes professionals with extensive experience on the domestic market for loan services. The services of Nordic Hypo can be seen at; information is also available via our customer support line 1553.