Credit line

A suitable solution for companies to use the loan in installments.

Free early repayment

Interest rate from 10.5%

Quick and easy loan application

Secure loan insurance


Do you want your business to be in a position where all you need to do to get the money is ask? Then our credit line is perfect for you, as you only pay interest on the amount you currently use!

This is a quick option for smart financing of your company’s working capital or investments as necessary. Your company can thereby increase and decrease the loan flexibly without any extra cost. Increasing the loan amount does not require an additional loan decision. We give your company the chance to decide how much money it needs at any given time. Make sure your company always has the security of the financial buffer offered by a credit line!

Additional information

Terms & Conditions

For whom?

A private limited company, public limited company or sole trader registered in Estonia.

Loan amount

Amount from €25,000 to €1,000,000.

The amount of the loan offered and the interest rate will depend on the assessment of the value of the collateral and the financial status of the applicant.

Up to 70% of the value of the collateral will be financed, or up to 100% if extra collateral is provided.


Up to 2 years, can be extended.

Interest rate

From 10.5% a year + 6 months Euribor

Interest is paid only on the amount used under the credit line.

Agreement fee

1% of the loan amount

The agreement fee will be withheld when the loan amount is paid out.


Mortgage on property, additional surety if necessary, guarantee.

Payment schedule

Paid on the basis of a bullet schedule, interest is paid monthly on the loan balance in use.

It’s possible to repay the loan amount flexibly in installments, according to your possibilities.

Signing the agreement

Nordic Hypo AS will make an appointment with a notary. Remote attestation is possible.

At the client’s request, Nordic Hypo AS can pay the costs of registering the mortgage from the loan to be paid out.

Payout of the loan amount

The loan amount will be paid out in one or several payments, as necessary.

There is no charge for withdrawals within the credit limit.

Loan calculator

Loan amount €
300 000
25 000 1 000 000
Period in months
1 24

The calculator shows the standard interest rate and monthly installment as an example, which may differ from the terms and conditions offered to you.

A bullet schedule has been used as the example to show the monthly payment. 6-month Euribor will be added to the monthly payment.

Monthly interest payment

Quick and easy

Filling in the application is easy and you will get an offer in seconds. We’ll transfer the money to your account no later than the next business day.

Accessible everywhere.

You can submit an application at any time online or at the nearest branch. Personal identification can be conveniently done via computer or mobile phone.


Our professional employees are always there for you to find the best solution for your requests.