About us

A financial partner that is reliable and more flexible than a bank.

What is
Nordic Hypo?

Nordic Hypo is a reliable and transparent financial company based on Estonian capital that offers loans secured with property. Every client is important to us, so we always find a solution that fully meets our expectations and the needs of the client.

Our team consists of specialists who have long-term experience in the Estonian financial services market. That’s why we can be a worthy financial partner for our customers.

Our mission is to teach clients to find bold and smart financial solutions for the implementation of their projects and growing their business.

Our vision is to be the most trusted and preferred alternative to banks for our clients.



We explain to our clients in great detail the price of the service as well as how much they will have to repay when they take a loan. There are no hidden costs with our service. We base our lending decisions on specific criteria and assess the actual financial capacity of the client.


We can be fully trusted. We avoid scenarios that could be risky for the client and only give loans that equal part of the value of collateral. The value of the collateral and the financial behaviour of clients are assessed by our experts.


Our credit counselling is professional. We offer our clients loans tailor-made for their needs. We trust the client’s judgement and do not tell them how to use the loan. We take the client’s needs into account when we prepare payment schedules.

Our main clients

Nordic Hypo finances both natural persons and legal entities that need financing solutions tailored to their needs. Our corporate loan portfolio includes hundreds of small businesses, ranging from construction and property companies to farms, retailers and various service providers.

Many of our clients are small businesses that need additional financing to start up a new line of business or to finance an existing business.

The clients of Nordic Hypo include many agricultural companies with seasonal incomes. For example, there are highly entrepreneurial persons who’ve been active for a long time and have a clear goal, but due to the specificities of the sector, they do not fit into the ‘ideal’ mould of banks. If such a client needs a quick injection of capital, for example to adapt to changes in the market situation or even to start with a new activity, we can offer a personalised approach, considering that the income of farmers is seasonal.

We will quickly find the best financing solutions for your business.

Who are we?

The Nordic Hypo team is carefully composed of experts in the field. The average length of experience of our credit advisers and decision-makers in the field is 20 years, so we have enough knowledge and competence to be a worthy partner in your financial affairs.

Our people’s motto is knowledge, flexibility, personal approach and understanding.

Heikki Rannik

Member of the Management Board

Sten Tikk

Member of the Management Board

Signe Sild

Chief Financial Officer

Elve Lagutkin

Client Relations Manager

Inga Roosnurm

Loan Administrator