Frequently Asked

How long has Nordic Hypo been in business?

The company started operating in 2010, but our team has more than 20 years of experience in the financial sector.

Is borrowing from Nordic Hypo safe?

In financial matters, safety and confidential are important and cannot be compromised. The Nordic Hypo team has many years of experience working in the financial sector and our clients can therefore be confident that their personal data and credit information are protected. The Nordic Hypo team uses a contemporary and extensively tested IT system where a lot of attention has been given to data protection.

Who are the main clients of Nordic Hypo?

Nordic Hypo finances both natural persons and legal entities that need flexible financing solutions. Many of our clients are small businesses that need additional financing to start up a new line of business or to finance an existing business.

How big is the loan interest rate charged by Nordic Hypo?

We offer our clients credit products where interest is charged on the actual amount of the loan (similar to banks).
Our interest rates start from 9% per year. The specific loan offer depends on the length of the requested loan term, the payment schedule, the collateral offered and the creditworthiness of the customer. Please contact our customer service to receive a specific offer.

How risky is a loan secured with property?

Each loan is a financial obligation. Nordic Hypo’s goal is to ensure that clients make informed borrowing decisions and that the financing solutions offered are tailored to meet their needs and capabilities. We value long-term and trusting client relationships and do our utmost to help our clients choose a suitable and affordable financing solution.

Does Nordic Hypo refinance existing loans from other financing institutions?

Many clients have used our mortgage loans to refinance their existing more expensive liabilities and reduce the interest and fees they pay. With our mortgage loan, it’s possible to significantly reduce current payment obligations by consolidating existing, more expensive liabilities, while raising additional capital if necessary.

Is it possible to repay the loan early and is there a penalty?

The loan can be repaid early. There is no penalty if you give us notice of early repayment three months in advance.

Five reasons to borrow from Nordic Hypo

– We will value your property free of charge
– It is possible to reduce/increase the loan amount during the loan period
– If necessary, you can request an interest-only period or extend the loan period
– There is no penalty for early repayment of the loan
– We offer free financial advice both before the loan agreement is signed and during the term of the loan

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If you have further questions or would like to find out what a personalised loan offer for you would be like, please contact us on 1553 or fill in a short loan application form here.